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Crestron- TPMC-4X Speakercraft- Aim Wide Five Krell- Showcase Amp/Receiver
Krell- LAT 1000
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Crestron- TPS-4L
Krell- S-1000/S-1500

Krell- LAT-1000

The Krell Lossless Acoustic Transducer LAT-1000 further explores the unique fidelity and dynamics offered by Krell CASTâ„¢--Current Audio Signal Transmission--technology. The LAT-1000 is uniquely capable of reproducing the pure, exceptionally high resolution, wide-bandwidth signal delivered by Krell CAST components. All circuitry is on 1/8-inch thick glass epoxy circuit boards with 4 oz. copper traces, ensuring low microphonics, low resistance, low inductance, and high current handling.

  • A 1-inch (25 mm) tweeter delivers flat response to 50 kHz.
  • A central waveguide optimizes dispersion characteristics.
  • Low compression, multi-chamber design greatly reduces resonance. A powerful neodymium motor enhances upper frequency response.
  • Proprietary suspension and extended voice coil assure extremely linear performance, and a phase plug promotes clarity throughout the mid-band.
  • Custom made woofer drivers feature massive, .8mm thick aluminum cones



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