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Crestron- TPMC-4X Speakercraft- Aim Wide Five Krell- Showcase Amp/Receiver
Krell- LAT 1000
Avaya- Partner Phone
Linksys- Wireless G Router
Crestron- TPS-4L
Krell- S-1000/S-1500

Krell- S-1000

  • State-of-the-art digital audio chipsets, operating with upsampled 24-bit precision are utilized.
  • Digital audio formats include Dolby Digital Surround EX, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS 6.1 ES, DTS 5.1, DTS NEO:6, and Dolby Pro Logic II, in addition to 9 proprietary Krell Music Surround modes.
  • Digitally controlled bass management with user-selectable crossover points, optimizing the systems speaker/subwoofer interface.
  • Audio decoding is accomplished with 24-bit/192 kHz DACs, for the most accurate analog signal possible.
  • An analog preamp mode bypasses all digital circuits, providing the most direct signal path for multi-channel and stereo recordings.
  • A unique software-based eight-channel digital room equalizer maximizes system performance in any room. For each of four memory settings, the user can program filter type (high-pass, low-pass, notch, peaking, and high/low shelf), frequency, shape, and level for every channel. Each of the four memory settings is assignable to a device.



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