Networking & Phone

CFX can wire, install, and set up a cutting edge and user-friendly computer and/or phone network for your home or office. With a multimedia-capable home network, you can enjoy access to a variety of digital content--entertainment, information, and communications—whenever and wherever you need it.

At CFX, we set up ‘networked entertainment systems’ allowing you to pull up and listen to a collection of MP3 audio files on home stereo, rather than on PC speakers or even access and watch a movie on multiple TV sets throughout the home.

Networking System

In addition, our configuration enables all your computers shared and easy access to the Internet simultaneously through a single DSL or Cable connection. Everyone on the network can use the same printer, scanner, zip and even multi-player games. The system's capabilities encompass a wide range of functions that facilitate and simplify day-to-day activities.

In a large apartment or home, one of the most important features is a telephone system. A phone system gives you the ability to intercom from room to room, page throughout the house, answer your front door and program features. A phone system's multiple line capability permits you to separate personal calls and business calls.

Phone System


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