Samsung 4K SUHD TVs

The ultimate viewing experience

Our 4K SUHD TVs deliver our best-yet entertainment experience. Discover brilliant Quantum Dot Color display, HDR 1000 and Supreme MR 240 for moving-picture resolution for even sharper contrast.

Exceptional color for authentic images

Quantum Dot Display

Greens should be kept in true-to-life green. Featuring the latest Quantum Dot technology, our SUHD TVs unlock up to a billion color combinations to produce a picture that’s vibrant and truer-to-life.

Dynamic brightness to reveal subtle details HDR 1000

Thanks to a 1,000-nit High Dynamic Range, you’ll notice sharp contrast and subtle details that were once reserved for the movies. Compared with most LED HD TVs, whites look brighter, blacks look blacker and colors look more vibrant.

Superior resolution, color and contrast

4K SUHD Intelligent Picture Engine You won’t settle for inferior picture. That’s why our Intelligent Picture Engine enhances lower-definition content—resulting in picture that’s incredibly clear, even when viewed up close or on a big screen. And with Supreme UHD Dimming, you’ll experience our very best color, contrast and sharpness.

Brilliant curved design

Curved screens don’t just look elegant. They create the sensation of being drawn into the picture, giving images more depth so you feel totally immersed. And they make it possible to sit anywhere in the room with a great viewing angle—so every seat is the best seat in the house.

Virtuallyedgeless picture

Immerse yourself in endless action, from sports to games to films. With our thinnest-ever bezel, it appears to float in mid-air when hung on the wall—showing off a bigger, more brilliant picture while taking up less space.

All-around design appeal

360˚ Design

The back of your TV shouldn’t be an eyesore. So we’ve given our TVs 360˚-appeal with sleek black metal—so you can put it anywhere in the room. It’s a streamlined design that fits seamlessly into any environment.

The ultimate smart hub

You’re big on entertainment. That’s why our new and improved Smart Hub interface makes it easier than ever to access all your shows and games, and switch seamlessly between live TV, streaming and games. With a new search function, you’ll never need to dig around for titles either.

Everything you want in one place

Say hello to your new customizable interface, where you can put your favorite streaming apps, games and more right on your home screen. The system even knows what’s connected, from gaming consoles to streaming platforms. That means switching between inputs is simpler than ever.

A single, smart remote Smart Remote

Our new Smart Remote is designed to recognize the devices that are connected to your TV, from cable and satellite boxes to gaming consoles. It has a simple touchpad for control, and even includes a button that serves up additional information (like player stats and actor biographies) related to what you’re watching.

Connect to share. Simple.

Send content from your compatible Samsung phone, tablet or laptop straight to the TV with fast and simple content sharing. With SmartView, complicated connections are a thing of the past. Now you can enjoy your favorite content on your biggest screen.


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